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July 11, 2017


May 29, 2017


March 30, 2017


Peanuts are good for your heart!

If you've been looking for a reason to try some Perky Peanuts, we found it for you!

A new study from Penn State has identified new ways that eating peanuts is good for your heart! Their study is the first to show that the combination of peanut protein, arginine, bioactive, vitamins and minerals help keep your arteries flexible. It also found that peanuts prevent stiff arteries after a high fat meal, and reduce the rise in blood triglycerides by 32%!


You can find the full press release here.


February 10, 2017


Perky Peanut Pesto!


Ryan Pardoe added a little Pardoe's Perky Peanut flare to a common pesto recipe and made it pop!

Watch the video on our Facebook page here:

Thanks for snacking, we'll be back with more recipes soon!

December 08, 2015


Happy Holidays from the Pardoe Family

As the holidays draw near, our family would like to personally thank all of our customers, partners, and employees for your commitment and loyalty to our company. It's time like these when we can reflect about how truly blessed we are to have grown throughout the years, and I can tell you we are more motivated than ever for 2016 to grow and provide you all with more of the perky snacks you crave!

To thank our customers, we're offering a free bag of our favorite holiday snack with every order on the site between now and Christmas: our chocolate covered peanut brittle!

Thanks for snacking, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Ryan Pardoe

September 14, 2015


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Perky Peanut Butter & Jelly

Nothing reminds me of heading back to school more than the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I used to proudly pull out of my lunch pail on the first day of school. As I watch kids file into Montandon Elementary School every morning on my way to work, it brings back so many memories of school growing up: finding out who my teacher was going to be, recess antics, Friday night football games in town.

Today, in honor of these memories, I decided to stray away from the classic Skippy Peanut Butter used by the masses, and make my own using our Pardoe’s Blistered Peanuts. I had read from bloggers online that it was possible to simply blend these up and have peanut butter in three minutes or less. Though skeptical, the thought of those crunchy treats becoming a spread on my favorite sandwich was too tempting to resist.

 So, I put three 3 cups of our blistered peanuts into the blender, eased my way up to full power, and found myself blissfully spreading an ultra creamy peanut butter onto my sandwich 3 minutes later! The best part? I still had enough left over for my sandwiches for the rest of the week! If only every recipe was this simple!

When we went back to the factory to share the recipe, Carl mentioned another great blended treat comes from our Sweet, Salty Nutty mix. If your sweet tooth is singing, try the same technique with that trail mix and enjoy!

September 03, 2015

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We're Back Online!

After a month of downtime, a lot of time figuring out how to make our new site look fantastic, and our debut on Facebook, we are finally ready to open our (virtual) doors and welcome all of our fans! 

Our blog will provide you with regular updates about new nutty news, product releases, perky peanut recipes, and updates about where our products are going next.

Thanks for snacking and for joining our company in this new adventure!